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Ashley Ivey

Ashley Ivey combines healthcare innovation with artistic expression. A poet since childhood and co-author of "Why I-CARE & Why I-CARE Too," a #1 Amazon release, she channels her MS journey into hope.


Date of Performance:  May 3, 2024


Marcus Johnson

Marcus Johnson is an independent Billboard-ranked musician, NAACP Image Award nominee, owner of FLO Brands and FLO Wine, JD and MBA, philanthropist, father, friend... and so much more! 

Date of Performance: April 5, 2024 


Joseph George III

Joseph, an extraordinary contemporary R&B and Gospel singer, who left the audience spellbound with his powerful performances, including heartfelt renditions of "A House Is Not a Home" and "Dance with My Father," songs popularized by the legendary Luther Vandross.


Date of Performance:  March 8, 2024

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Let's journey together in this celebration of faith and artistry!

Our Offerings

  • Diverse Open Mic Performances: Experience an array of talents from gospel singers to heartfelt poets, each sharing their unique perspective and faith through their art.

  • Testimony Sharing: An integral part of our events where individuals can share their faith journeys and experiences, creating a tapestry of inspiring life stories.

  • Networking Opportunities: Our events are a fertile ground for forging meaningful connections with like-minded individuals, encouraging collaboration and community growth.

Be Part of Our Community

Whether you're an artist eager to share your talent, someone looking to be moved by a night of faith-filled performances, or simply in search of a community that echoes your values, Inspired Expressions is your haven. Our events are more than just gatherings; they're a heartfelt celebration of faith, creativity, and the human spirit.

To discover more about our events, participate, or join our vibrant community, visit our website or reach out to us. Let's journey together in this celebration of faith and artistry!

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